Welcome to our website,

    TIK is one of the best places where you could help your child gain the best knowledge to aid him on his future. Our kindergarten provides top quality teaching methods that would help him get his roots in education.

    For us, principles lay beyond rules; they maintain and coordinate the path in life by endowing it weight and purpose.

    Our philosophy on the educational system is based on the awakening of the child’s desire to gain more knowledge. Furthermore, we are trying to provoke him to obtain a strong feeling towards education, to want to receive a better grasp on the world.

    We believe that critical thinking, creativity and the happiness of the child would stimulate his ego to be more confident which would improve his relationship with the society we live in.

    Our curriculum is not based on standard testing. This means that the child will gain experience in problem solving and propel him to make his own decisions in life.

    We embrace the responsibility to encourage and enhance every child's potential.

    Thank you for trusting us with your young ones all this time. Parents chose TIK due to our emphasis on educational standards and our creativity on providing high level teaching for young minds. The first years of studying will shape your children’s desires and preferences towards learning. We will aid them to get a better understanding on the world and stimulate their own desires.

    We will be waiting with open arms in the future and with strong beliefs that we will obtain our goals to guide your children on the right path.






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